255Z. Robert Byron to Harrod, [23 August 1932] [a]

Byron inquires whether Harrod has heard about a pamphlet by Salter, which was withdrawn because it advocated entrusting the grievances of the world to Kruger. Byron reads in the Sunday Times that Harrod is racing, and hopes that the attack is not serious. [1] Continues at 256 Z

  1. a. From Savernake Lodge, Marlborough # , ALS, two pages, with envelope addressed c/o Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, Clandboye, Ulster, in HPBL 71182/108-9. Date read from postmark.
  1. 1. Perusal of the July and August 1932 issues of the Sunday Times could not shed light on this cryptic reference.

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