85R. Harrod to J. D. Woodruff, 1 March 1925 [a]

"I had Ramsey over from Cambridge this term. [1] He found Lindemann [2] abominably flippant about fundamental physics. He himself now teaches mathematics, you know, at Kings. I shall go to him at Cambridge for a week end next week. [...] Keynes, he told me, was writing a book on the Trade Cycle. Den[n]is Robertson is doing the same and they talk to each other about it. Ramsey seemed to think that Keynes didnt know that Pigou was also writing a book on the Trade Cycle!" [3] "I shall probably get Mrs. Nicholson to give me regular (paid) tutorials in Mathematics." Salvesen's "sub, and proxime accessit, Robbins, from the London school is such a charming and able man." [4]

  1. 1. Frank Ramsey visited Harrod in Oxford at the end of January: two letters from Ramsey accepting the invitation and thanking for the weekend, dated 25 January and 22 February 1925 are preserved in KHLM 206 and 205. The latter of these also contains the invitation to Cambridge on 7-9 March. The January visit seems to have been postponed from the previous term, as Ramsey could not accept an invitation on 2 November 1924 (KHLM 207).

    2. Harrod's friend and colleague at Christ Church F. A. Lindemann.

    3. References are to J. M. Keynes, Treatise on Money (1930); D. H. Robertson, Banking Policy and the Price Level (1926) (for Keynes's and Robertson's mutual acknowledgments see the Preface and the Introductory chapter to their respective books); A. C. Pigou, Industrial Fluctuations (1927).

    4. L. C. Robbins took a temporary fellowship at New College in 1924-25 to substitute A. K. Salvesen, who was on leave at Harvard: see L. Robbins, Autobiography of an Economist, London: Macmillan, 1971, p. 102.

    1. a. From Christ Church # , five pages ALS, in DWP Box 3 Folder 23.

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