222Z. Sadler to Harrod, 23 March, 1931 [a]

Having read the Reports, Sadler is undeservedly with Harrod. He thinks that there is a basis for agreement if the main points of Harrod's report were substituted for the corresponding points in the majority Report. [1] Answered by 223 Z.

  1. a. From the Master's Lodge, University College, Oxford # , 1 page TLS, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HP VI-17. Cc in MS. Top. Oxon. c.633, fol. 61.
  1. 1. Sadler's argument and agreement with Harrod is repeated in a letter to Alic Smith, 23 March 1931, in MS. Top. Oxon. c.633, fol. 62.

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