213Z. Gilbert Ryle to Harrod, [5 March, 1931] [a]

Ryle reveals that Harrod's assertion, that the Duke of Westminster Student should be on the Governing Body of Christ Church on the grounds of a Resolution of 18 February (see letter 201 ), was not liked by the people involved in this matter. Ryle examines the situation, and warns Harrod that members of the Governing Body already regard Harrod and Grant Bailey as Lindemann's spokemen, and if he persists they would regard him as Lindemann's tool. [1] Continues at 214 Z.

  1. a. ALS, 3 pages on 2 leaves, dated «Thursday», in HPBL 72731/114-115.
  1. 1. See Harrod's circular letter 200 to the members of the Governing Body, and note 1 .

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