194Z. Miers to Harrod, 31 January, 1931 [a]

Follows on from 186 Z, answered by 195 Z. In the experience of the majority report, it proved desirable to add as little details as possible. [1]

  1. a. From 18, Aberdare Gardens, West Hampstead, N.W.6 # , 2 pages TLS, in HP VI/77.
  1. 1. Meanwhile, negotiations with the Miers and architect and additional meetings went on: Sisam to Harrod, 23 and 27 January, 2, 6 and 10 February 1931, in HP VI/85-86/17, HP VI-9/27, HP VI-9/28, VI/85-86/20 and HP VI/85-86/2 respectively; Miers to Harrod, 29 and 30 January 1931, in HP VI-75 and HP VI-76; Butler to Harrod, 29 January. 4 and 20 February, in HP VI/85-86/18, HP VI-91/12 and HP VI/85-86/26. Later Sisam agreed with Miers that overdetailed plans only attract criticism, without being much helpful (letter to Harrod, 2 February 1931, in HP VI/78.

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