83R. F. Y. Edgeworth to Harrod , 1 December 1924 [a]



Edgeworth, knowing that Harrod is interested in international trade theory and supposing that he is familiar with economic history, sends Harrod a book and invites him to review it for the Economic Journal. [1]

  1. 1. The first book Harrod reviewed for the Economic Journal was Free Trade and Peace in the Nineteenth Century, by Helen Bosanquet (Harrod 1925:1 ). This was Harrod's first contribution to a learned Journal. Several years later, he suggested to M. F. Scott, who was preparing the bibliography of Harrod's writings for his Festschrift volume (W. A. Eltis, M. F. Scott and J. N. Wolfe, Induction, Growth and Trade. Essays in Honour of Sir Roy Harrod, 1970), that "my first review, on which Edgeworth complimented me, should have a mention"; he further added: "I have just re-read this 3 page review. I think it is as good as anything I have ever written--and better than most things. Read it!" (Harrod to Scott, 2 November 1968, in HP IV-E, Box 33). Edgeworth's letter was not found among Harrod's papers; it is however cited in H. Phelps Brown's "Sir Roy Harrod: A Biographical Memoir" (1980), p. 13: "I thought your review was most excellent. It was exactly what we wanted."
    1. a. From All Souls College, Oxford, ALS, two pages, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in KHLM 150.

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