144Z. F. A. Lindemann to Harrod, 31 March, 1930 [a]

Replies to 175 , continued at 145 Z.Concerns a letter Lord Birkenhead wrote to The Times, on the removal of the Radcliffe Observatory from Oxford to South Africa. [1] Lindemann was surprised to see it, as he had asked the high Steward to write a private letter to the Chancellor and had supplied him with the materials with this end in view. Nonetheless, Lindemann thinks no harm was done.

  1. a. From Christ Church # , ALS, 4 pages, in HPBL 71185/116-117.
  1. 1. Lord Birkenhead, "For the Benefit of Oxford. The Radcliffe Trust. Proposed removal of the Observatory", The Times, 28 March 1930, p. 15.

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