143Z. A. H. Smith to Harrod, 30 March, 1930 [a]

In reply to a letter by Harrod (which was also discussed over with Woodward), in which Harrod must have expressed concern for an impediments in carrying out the same amount of work as the other members of the Commission, and expressed his desire to resign, Smith pointed out that no one could substitute Harrod, and was prepared to take some steps to remove the difficulty, e.g. by writing to the Vice-Chancellor.

  1. a. From New College, Oxford # , 5 pages ALS, in HP VI-15, with envelope addressed to 34 Campden Hill Gardens, London.
  1. 1. Besides being a member of the Bodleian Library Commission, Harrod was also Senior Censor at Christ Church. Therefore he could not remain absent from College for too long. Two letters from the Vice-Chancellor, reveal that contacts were taken with H. J. White, the Dean of Christ Church; Harrod was eventually suggested to return a week earlier than the other members of the Commission (F. H. Dudden to Harrod, 23 April and 28 May 1930, in HP VI-19 and HP VI-22).

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