79R. J. C. Masterman to Harrod, 25 July 1924 [a]

See 77 R and 78 R. Both Masterman and Feiling have realized that Harrod was not much interested in the history part of the school, but he had never thought that Harrod might have wanted Sutton's succession. [1]

  1. 1. A few days later, Masterman wrote that Harrod had shaken his former certainty, and that he should decide himself what to do (letter of 31 July 1924, in HPBL Add 71616/31-32).

    Probably also as a result of these negotiations, from 1927 Harrod could abandon History and only lecture on economic topics (see the relevant entries in the Oxford University Gazette, and J. C. Masterman, On the Chariot Wheel. An Autobiography, Oxford: University Press, 1975, p. 151).

    1. a. From The Limes, Arundel Road, Eastbourne # , four pages ALS, with envelope addressed to 47 West Cromwell Road, London, in HPBL Add 71616/183-85.

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