87Z. C. P. Scott to Harrod, 21 June, 1926 [a] , [1]

Follows on from 86 Z. Following his visit to Oxford, [2] Scott describes the working hours and the salary in connection with the Guardian's appointment, and stresses again that the paper is carried on as a public service and not for profit.

  1. a. From The Guardian Office, Manchester # , 4 pages ALS, HPBL 72763/142, copy in MGA 336/173.
  1. 1. This letter is partly cited in J. L. Hammond, C. P. Scott of the Manchester Guardian, London: G. Bell & Sons, 1934, pp. 95-96: see letter 331 .

    2. Scott visited Harrod in Oxford on 21 June: a letter of 20 June announcing his arrival is filed in HPBL 72763/141.

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