82Z. Bourdillon to Harrod, 20 April, 1926 [a]

Follows on from 108 . Bourdillon communicates the arrangements he has taken for Hirsch's speech, [1] and that Harrod's memorandum was warmly spoken of by Salter and Butler. [2]

  1. a. From The British Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, 10 St. James's Square, London#, 2 pages ALS, in HPBL 72763/136.
  1. 1. Hirsch was the second expert invited by the Economic Group of the Royal Institute of Interbational Affairs to speak on Cartels: see a summary of his contribution in note 1 to letter 124 .

    2. Harrod's memorandum does not seem to have survived: see note 1 to letter 108 .

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