75Z. Gilbert Murray to Harrod, 2 February, 1926 [a]

Replies to 100 . Murray feels that the Vice-Chancellor has handled the Communist matter wrongly, and he found that Farnell thought the same. He thinks that it is absurd to make people sign undertakings that they will never join a communist society, and almost more absurd to make them promise not to express opinions, but as he does not know what really happened and has a certain reluctance to make a protest about matters of discipline, he is not in favour of protesting against Wells, unless it should turn out that he was acting under pressure of the University authorities. See also 76 Z and 78 Z.

  1. a. From Yatscombe, Boar's Hill, Oxford # , TL, typed initials, 1 page, in HPBL 72730/104.

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