65Z. [W. J. Ellison] to Harrod, [25 August, 1925] [a] , [1]

Replies to 63 Z. In the absence of Mr. Butler, Ellison sends a list of publications, and forwards Harrod's request to the Secretariat of the League of Nations.

  1. a. From [The International Labour Office, Geneva], undated, 2 pages TLCc, not signed, addressed to 47 West Cromwell Road, London S.W.5, in LoN 10/46955/46955.
  1. 1. Date and author are inferred from a letter from Ellison to R. Loveday of 25 August, accompanying a copy of Harrod's letter 63 Z and requesting further bibliographical references. See note 1 to letter 67 Z.

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