63Z. Harrod to [Butler], [8 August, 1925] [a] , [1]

Harrod writes to Butler, on the suggestion of Hichens, asking information about international cartels "in connexion with some research I am doing for a group connected with the Round Table". [2] Answered by 65 Z and 66 Z.

  1. a. From 47 West Cromwell Road, London S.W.5., 1 page T Copy letter, marked as received in Registry on 8 October 1925, in LoN 10/46955/46955. Undated and not addressed.
  1. 1. Not dated and not addressed (se source note a ). Date and addressee are inferred from Ellison's and Butler's replies 65 Z and 66 Z.

    2. For context see note 1 to letter 89 R. W. L. Hichens was one of the members of the Economic Group inquiring on cartels set up by the British Institute of International Affairs.

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