Tinbergen, Jan

Tinbergen (1903-94) studied physics at the University of Leiden. His PhD thesis (1929) also regarded minimum problems in economics, and he was recruited to work on business cycles by the Dutch Central Statistical Bureau Office (1929-45). He taught statistics at the University of Amsterdam from 1931. In 1936 he was invited by the League of Nations to work out a statistical analysis of the business cycles theories classified by Haberler . He was part-time (1933-55) and later full-time (until 1973) professor at the Netherlands School of Economics in Rotterdam, visited Harvard in between and was director of the Central Planning Bureau in The Hague (1945-55). He chaired the United Nations Committee on Development Planning (1966-75), was professor of international cooperation at the University of Leiden. He was awarded the first Nobel Prize for economics in 1969.

See list of letters .

Source: ETsK ; GESK .

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