Sutro, John Richard

Sutro (1903-85) was educated at Rugby and at Trinity College, Oxford. Scriptwriter and film producer, in the 1940s he owned his own production company, Ortus (Sutro spelt backwards), and was director of Denham Studios and the Two Cities production company. Sutro was the founder of the Railway Club (see note 1 to letter 97 R) and at the centre of the set of Harrod's aesthete undergraduate friends in the 1920s. Harrod described Sutro as "a most delightful man. Much the nicest person in Oxford I think" (Harrod to Woodruff , 28 November 1924, in DWP). On him as a pupil, Harrod commented: "John Sutro of course is admirable; very sympathetic. But his interest now is mainly to run in and out of parties" (Harrod to Woodruff, 1 March 1925, in DWP).

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Source: Contemporary Authors; obituary of Gillian Sutro, 2000 Trinity Report, Trinity College, Oxford; obituary in Times, 21 June 1985, p. 16. Harrod's recollection of Sutro is reported in M.-J. Lancaster, Brian Howard, Portrait of a Failure (1968), pp. 210-11.

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