Strakosch, Henry

Strakosch (1871-1943, knighted 1921), born in Austria but naturalized British citizen in 1907, was educated privately in London. He entered upon a banking career in the City of London, 1891; from 1895 he was closely connected with South African industrial development, especially the gold mining industry; he was the author of the South African Currency and Banking Act (1920). He was a delegate for South Africa at the assemblies of the League, 1923 and 1924, and acted as financial adviser to the South African government. He was a member of the Council of India (1930-37), adviser to the Secretary of State for India (1937-42), a member of the Financial Committee of the League of Nations (1920-37; chairperson, 1920-21), of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance (1925-26) and a delegate of India at the Imperial Economic Conference in Ottawa (1932) and at the Monetary and Economic Conference (1933), honorary financial consultant to the Secretary of State for India from 1942. He was chairperson of The Economist (1929-43).

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Source: www ; DNB .

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