69R. H. M. Andrews to Harrod, 4 March 1924 [a]

Andrews has found and sent back a paper, to be read by Harrod before a Society, which was passed to him by G. E. G. Catlin and which he forgot he had. [1] Andrews resumes a discussion he had with Harrod a few days earlier: "At the end of our talk on Thursday night I made a loose remark that we get out of people what we can, and you at once replied that that of course only applied to interest under monopoly while interest on profit under competition was governed by considerations of cost and risk."

  1. 1. Probably refers to an essay on "Interest and Ideal Prices" (here as essay 1 ), dated 8 March 1924 and clearly written to be read before an audience, rather than for publication.
    1. a. From 9 Harcourt House, Cavendish Square, W1, four pages ALS, in HPBL Add 71613/189-90.

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