Smith, Alic Halford

Educated at Dulwich and New College, Oxford, A. H. Smith (1883-1958) began his working activity at the Scottish Office (1906-19). Later he was fellow of New College and tutor in philosophy (1919-44), warden of New College, Oxford (1944-58), vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford (1954-57), and also fellow of Winchester College and honorary fellow of King's College, Cambridge.

Harrod, who became an undergraduate at New College in the same year as Smith became a tutor, recollected that "for New College greatsmen in 1919 Smith was a delightful breath of fresh air. After being pulverised by the remorseless logic of Joseph , they found in his beautiful rooms someone who would enter more sympathetically into their problems. His philosophy was a little rusty at first. His special gift was shown in the tactful way in which he combined an effort to draw an undergraduate out and to help him to develop his own individual thoughts for himself with an effort to impart to him the essential points that the examiners would expect him to make". According to Harrod, the appointment of a full time professional registrar (Douglas Veale ) and the Rockefeller grant which made the new Bodleian Library possible were due to Smith's labour behind the scenes.

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Source: www ; Harrod, "Alic Halford Smith", The Oxford Magazine 77, 6 November 1958, pp. 74-78.

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