Scaife, Christopher Henry Oldham

Scaife (1900-88) was educated at St George's School, Harpenden, King's College, London, and St John's College, Oxford, where he read modern history (1920-23). At that time he was a regular attender at the Russell and Palmerston Club meetings. He was secretary and president of the Oxford Union Society. He joined the Transvaal Chamber of Mines (1924-25), worked as an actor with the Anmer Hall Company (1925), was assistant editor of the Egyptian Gazette (Alexandria, 1927), senior lecturer in English (1928), assistant professor (1937) and acting professor in charge of the department (1939-40) at Fuad Al-awal University. Later he was educational adviser to the Iraq government (1945), British Council visiting professor of English (1947), professor (1957) and chairperson of the Department of English (1957-66) at the American University of Beirut.

See list of letters .

Source: St. John's College Biographical Register, 1919-1975, compiled by A. and V. Sillery, privately printed, 1978; Russell and Palmerston Club minutes, Bodleian Library.

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