Salter, (James) Arthur

Salter (1881-1975, Baron of Kidlington created 1953) was educated at Oxford High School and Brasenose College, Oxford. He began his career as a civil servant at the Transport Department of the Admiralty (1904); then he was assistant secretary National Health Insurance Commission, England (1913), director of Ship Requisitioning (1917), secretary of Allied Maritime Transport Council and chairperson of Allied Maritime Transport Executive (1918), was a member of the Supreme Economic Council (1919), general secretary of the Reparation Commission (1920-22), director of the Economic and Finance Section League of Nations (1919-20 and 1922-31); he went in missions to India (1930) and China (1931 and 1933), and was chairperson of the Road-Rail Conference (1932) and of Railway Staff National Tribunal (1936-39). He was a member of the Committee on Economic Information (1932-39). Academically he was Gladstone professor of political theory and institutions, Oxford University (1934-44). As a politician, he was an Independent Member of Parliament for Oxford University (1937-50), and later a Conservative Member of Parliament (1951-53); he was parliamentary secretary to Ministry of Shipping (1939-41), joint parliamentary secretary to Ministry of War Transport (1941), head of British Merchant Shipping Mission, Washington (1941-43), senior deputy director-general of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (1944), chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (1945), chairperson Advisory Council of International Bank (1947-48), Minister of State for Economic Affairs (1951-52) and Minister of Materials (1952-53).

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