Sackville-West, Edward Charles

Sackville-West (1901-65, 5th Baron Sackville, succeeded father, 1962) was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. Novelist, he is best remembered for the biography of De Quincey, A Flame in Sunlight (1936), which was awarded the James Tait Black memorial prize. Attached to The Times obituary of Sackville (6 July, 1965), Harrod left a note, perhaps for his own biographer, commenting: "Eddy! Looking back on my life as a whole, I think of Eddy as one of my greatest friends, tho' I saw him scarcely <+> half a dozen times in the 30 years before his death" (in HPBL 71612/89).

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Source: wsw 1938; www ; DNB .

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