Runciman, Walter

Runciman (1870-1949, Baronet 1906, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford, created 1937) was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. He entered his father's shipping business, and later was a Member of Parliament for the Liberal (1899-1900, 1902-18, 1924-31) and National Liberal (1931-37) parties, and parliamentary secretary to Local Government Board (1905-07, financial secretary to the Treasury (1907-08), President of the Boards of Education (1908-11) and of Agriculture (1911-14), President of the Board of Trade (1914-16 and 1931-37), head of mission to Czechoslovakia (1938), Lord President of the Council (1938-39).

As witnessed by the numerous invitations preserved among his papers and the exchanges of correspondence with family members, in the 1920s Harrod was often a guest at the Runcimans', having in common Liberal politics on Asquith's side. It was Runciman who introduced Harrod to Keynes . In a chapter dedicated to Runciman of an unpublished autobiography, Harrod recollected that "after the formation of the coalition government (1931) Runciman proposed that I should go to be its economic advisor. But I was considerably out of sympathy with that Government and rejected his idea. After that I saw him but little, if at all" (in HPBL 71775/ 76-94, p. 18).

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Source: www ; DNB .

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