Robertson, Dennis Holmes

Robertson (1890-1963, knighted 1953) was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where his studies were directed by Keynes ; this initiated a collaboration lasting until the early 1930s. Robertson was president of the Union Society. He was fellow of Trinity (1918-38 and 1944-63), reader in economics, Cambridge University (1930-38), Sir Ernest Cassel professor of economics at the University of London (1939-44), adviser at the Treasury (1939-44) and professor of political economy at the University of Cambridge (1944-57).

Robertson and Harrod often exchanged visits, were both members of two research groups (the Chatham House Group on International Monetary Problems and the League of Nations group discussing Tinbergen 's statistical testing of business cycle theories), and regularly commented upon each other's writings (see the General introduction, [jump to page] ).

See list of letters .

Source: www ; New Palgrave ; J. R. Presley, "D. H. Robertson, 1890-1963", in D. P. O'Brien and J. R. Presley (eds), Pioneers of Modern Economics in Britain (London: Macmillan, 1981).

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