Richter-Altschäffer, Hans

Richter-Altschäffer (1901-1976; his name was later changed into John Hans Richter) began his career as agricultural adviser at the American embassies of Vienna (1924) and Berlin, and later he joined the Institute for Agricultural Market Forecast in Berlin (1933). In 1938 he had to leave Germany due to the race laws; he remained two years in England, then moved to Washington, where he joined the Department of Agriculture's Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations and became director of the European Analysis Branch and eventually directing the Foreign Agricultural Service (1940-62). After the war, Richter represented the Department of Agriculture before the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Organization for European Cooperation and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

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Source: E. Koenig, "Richter, John H.", in H. Hagemann and C.-D. Krohn (eds), Biographisches Handbuch der deutschsprachigen wirtschaftwissenschaftlichen Emigration nach 1933 (München: Saur, 1999).

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