Textual symbols and abbreviations

Textual symbols

<+> indicates an illegible word. If two or more words are illegible, this is indicated in a lettered note.

<but> indicates «but» as the best conjecture for an illegible word; reasonable alternatives, if any, are indicated in note.

[ ] indicate the editor's expansion of abbreviations. When square brackets were used by the author, to avoid confusion they are silently substituted by round parentheses or, if originally demarcating parentheses including parentheses, by curly parentheses. Dates are written between square brackets when read or inferred from sources other than the letter itself--for instance from the postmark or from another letter.

# after the sender's address, indicates that the letter was written on letterheaded paper, and the author has not specified his address otherwise.

substitute barred < and >, respectively.

A abbreviation for «autograph».

Cc abbreviation for «carbon copy».

Ci abbreviation for «circular»

D abbreviation for «document».

I abbreviation for «initialled».

L abbreviation for «letter»

Ms abbreviation for «manuscript».

N abbreviation for «note».

[n/p] abbreviation for «new paragraph».

Pc abbreviation for «postcard».

S abbreviation for «signed».

T abbreviation for «typed».

Ts abbreviation for «typescript».

Library abbreviations

In describing the location of the sources, the following abbreviations are used to indicate the collection to which the document belongs:

AP Andrews and Brunner Papers, British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division , London.

BAAS British Association for the Advancement of Science Papers, deposited at the Bodleian Library , Oxford.

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, Written Archives Centre, Reading.

Beveridge The William Beveridge Papers, British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division , London.

BLLR Bodleian Library , Oxford: Library Records.

CH Royal Institute of International Affairs Archives, the Library , Chatham House, London.

CHAR Chartwell Manuscripts ( Winston Churchill Papers ), Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge.

ChCh Christ Church manuscripts, Christ Church College Library , Oxford.

CHER Lord Cherwell (Lindemann) Papers, Nuffield College , Cambridge.

CP Edwin Cannan Papers , British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division, London.

Dalton The Collection of Hugh Dalton Papers , British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division, London

DHR Dennis Robertson Papers , Trinity College, Cambridge

DSND Duncan-Sandys Papers, Churchill Archives Centre , Churchill College, Cambridge.

DWP Douglas Woodruff Papers, Georgetown University Library, Special Collections , Washington, DC.

EDP Evan Durbin Papers, British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division , London.

F&F Faber and Faber archives, at Faber and Faber Publishers, London.

FDR Franklin D. Roosevelt Library , Hyde Park, New York.

FFP Papers of Felix Frankfurter, Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Washington, DC.

FHK Frank Knight Papers, Department of Special Collections , University of Chicago Library.

FS Fabian Society, British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division , London.

GEGCP George Catlin archive , The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections, McMaster University Library, Hamilton, Canada.

GH Haberler Papers , Hoover Institution, Stanford.

GMP Gilbert Murray Papers, Bodleian Library , Oxford.

GNWR Gordon Walker Papers, Churchill Archives Centre , Churchill College, Cambridge.

HBWJ H. B. W. Joseph Papers, New College Library , Oxford.

HCN Harrod Collection, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration , Nisshin-shi, Japan.

HHP Hubert Henderson Papers, Nuffield College , Oxford.

HP Harrod Papers, Chiba University of Commerce , Ichikawa (Japan) (the symbol NC indicates a folder of non-classified items, not originally belonging to the collection but donated by Lady Harrod and others).

HPBL Harrod Papers, British Library , London.

HTRY Hawtrey Papers, Churchill Archives Centre , Churchill College, Cambridge

HWC Harrod-Woodruff Collection , Georgetown University Library, Washington, DC.

IBP Isahia Berlin Papers, private collection.

JBP James Bonar Papers, Glasgow University Library, Glasgow.

JMK John Maynard Keynes Papers , King's College, Cambridge.

JMP Jacob Marschak Papers, Special Collections, Library of the University of California Los Angeles .

JS Jowett Society, minutes, Bodleian Library , Oxford.

JTS Sheppard Papers , King's College, Cambridge.

JVR Joan Robinson Papers , King's College, Cambridge.

KHLM Keynes and Harrod, Letters and Memoranda , Tokyo University.

LaN La Nauze Papers, National Library of Australia, Canberra.

LoN League of Nations Archives , United Nations Library, Geneva.

LR Library Records, Bodleian Library , Oxford.

MaP Macmillan Papers, British Library , London. [1]

MD Donald MacDougall Papers, in possession of Donald MacDougall. [2]

MGA Manchester Guardian Archives , The John Rylands University Library, University of Manchester.

Moore G. E. Moore Papers , Cambridge University Library.

MP James Meade Papers , British Library of Political and Economic Sciences, Archives Division, London.

NKP Nicholas Kaldor Papers , King's College, Cambridge.

OPS Oxford Philosophical Society, Minutes, Bodleian Library , Oxford.

OUA Oxford University Archives, Bodleian Library , Oxford.

OUDS Minute books, Oxford University Dramatic Society, Bodleian Library .

OUP Oxford University Press Archives.

PL Pethick-Lawrence Papers , Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

RF Rockefeller Foundation , Rockefeller Archives Centre, Tarrytown, New York.

RFK Richard Kahn Papers , King's College, Cambridge.

RP Runciman Papers, Robinson Library , University of Newcastle.

Simon John Simon Papers, Bodleian Library , Oxford.

STOPES Marie Stopes Papers, British Library , London.

SWP Edward Sackville-West Papers, British Library , London.

SZ Solly Zuckerman Papers , University of East Anglia, Norwich.

THRS Viscount Thurso (Archibald Sinclair) Papers, Churchill Archives Centre , Churchill College, Cambridge.

Top. Oxon. Papers of M. E. Sadler, Bodleian Library , Oxford

TP Jan Tinbergen Papers, Erasmus University Library , Rotterdam.

WCMP Wesley Clair Mitchell Papers, Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, Columbia University , New York.

West The Rebecca West Papers , McFarlin Library, Department of Special Collections, University of Tulsa.

  1. 1. Harrod's letters to Harold Macmillan belong to the second series of the Macmillan Papers, the cataloguing of which was still in process at the time of going into print; it was therefore not possible to provide precise file and item numbers.

    2. Probably to be transferred to Nuffield College, Oxford.

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