Pigou, Arthur Cecil

Pigou (1877-1959), often referred to in correspondence as "The Prof.", was educated at Harrow and King's College, Cambridge; he was president of the Union Society (1900). He became fellow of King's College in 1902, was Jevons memorial lecturer at University College, London (1903-04), Girdler's university lecturer in economics, Cambridge (1904-07), and succeeded Marshall as professor of political economy, Cambridge (1908-43). He was a member of the Committee on Currency and Foreign Exchange (1918-19), served on the Royal Commission on Income Tax (1919-20), the Chamberlain Committee (1924-25) and the Committee of Economists in the Economic Advisory Council with Keynes , Robbins , Henderson and Stamp (1930).

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Source: www ; DNB ; D. Collard, "A. C. Pigou, 1877-1959", in D. P. O'Brien and J. R. Presley (eds), Pioneers of Modern Economics in Britain (London: Macmillan, 1981).

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