Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick William

Pethick-Lawrence (1871-1961; prefixed his first wife's name to his own in 1901; 1st Baron of Peaslake, created 1945) was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge; he was president of the Cambridge Union (1896), won the Smith prize for mathematics (1896) and the Adam Smith prize for economics (1897), and became fellow of Trinity (1897-1903); he also studied law, and was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple (1899). He was a journalist (editor of the Echo newspaper, 1902-05, editor of Labour Record and Review, 1905-07 and joint-editor with his wife Emmeline of Votes for Women, 1907-14) and eventually decided to undertake a parliamentary career. He contested seats in 1917 and 1922, and was elected for the Labour Party (1923-31 and 1935-45; in 1923 he defeated Winston Churchill ). He was financial secretary to the Treasury (1929-31), Secretary of State for India and for Burma (1945-47). He wrote various articles and pamphlets on mathematics, economics, free trade and woman suffrage.

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Source: www ; DNB .

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