Parsons, Laurence Michael Harvey

Parsons (1906-79; 6th Earl of Rosse, succeeded father 1918) was educated at Eton and Christ Church, where he was a member of the group of aesthetes led by Harold Acton . According to Harrod's recollection "he did not do much academic work at Oxford, but in later life has been one of the hardest workers, on behalf of museums and galleries, of Trinity College, Dublin (Vice-Chancellor) and of his own park, unique from an arboricultural point of view, at Birr". He was, in fact, chairperson of the Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries (1956-78), the International Dendrology Society and a Department of the National Trust (1961-76), Trustee of the Historic Churches Preservation Trust, president of the Friends of the National Collections of Ireland, of the Ancient Monuments Society, of the Irish Architectural Records Association, the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland (1959-69), a member of the Arts Council of Ireland (1953-74), the National Monuments Advisory Council of Ireland, the Advisory Council of the Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum in London, the Ministry of Transport Trunk Roads Advisory Committee, and pro-chancellor of University of Dublin from 1965 (vice-chancellor, 1949-65).

Rosse was a member of the Railway Club (see note 1 to letter 97 R), and Harrod had been a guest at Birr Castle in September 1934 and September 1936. They exchanged a number of letters, preserved in HPBL and among Rosse's papers at Birr Castle.

See list of letters .

Source: www ; R. F. Harrod, recollection in M.-J. Lancaster, Brian Howard. Portrait of a Failure (1968), pp. 209-10.

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