Ogilvie-Grant, Mark

Ogilvie-Grant (1906-69), botanist, was educated at Trinity College, Oxford. He lived for many years in Greece. In the 1930s he was Honorary Attaché at Cairo, where he met Wilhelmine Cresswell (Harrod's future wife) who also lived in Cairo as the step-daugther of Sir Peter Strickland, general officer commanding. Ogilvie-Grant became a close friend of Harrod's family, and was godfather to Harrod's oldest son, Henry Mark.

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Source: obituary by E. Hodgkin in Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society XLIV, May 1969, pp. 232-33; information from Dominick Harrod. Ogilvie-Grant is mentioned in Harrod's account of the Oxford undergraduate aesthetes in the 1920s in M.-J. Lancaster, Brian Howard, Portrait of a Failure (1968), p. 212; there are several references to him in H. Acton , Nancy Mitford (London: Hamish, 1975).

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