Neisser, Hans Phillip

Educated at the University of Breslau, where he obtained a doctorate in jurisprudence, Neisser (1895-1975) began his career as a research officer at the Economic Commission of the German government in Berlin (1922-27) and became research principal of the Institute of World Economics at the University of Kiel (1927-33)--where Marschak was a research associate. Having emigrated to the United States, he became professor of monetary theory at the University of Pennsylvania (1933-43), during the war worked in the Office of Price Administration in Washington (1942-43), then passed to the New School of Social Research in New York as professor of economics (1943-65) and, finally, professor emeritus (1965-75). He was also research principal at the Institute of World Affairs (1943-51).

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Source: New Palgrave ; wswe .

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