Murray, Mary Henrietta

Mary Murray (1965-1956; née Howard, eldest daughter of the ninth Earl of Carlisle) married Gilbert Murray in 1889. Harrod described her as follows: "Her whole life was devoted to good causes, often unpopular ones; her heart was open to every appeal from anyone in distress; for decades her house was a heaven for refugees. She was brought up a Liberal and a puritan; only on the death of her mother, to whom she was unwilling to give pain, did she join the Labour Party and the Quakers, where her true sympathies lay. [...] She had a heart of infinite kindness [...]. She had passion, fire, truth, courage and boundless charity".

See list of letters .

Source: D. Wilson, Gilbert Murray OM 1866-1957 (Oxford: University Press, 1987); R. F. Harrod, "Gilbert Murray: A Personal Recollection", The National and English Review, July 1957, pp. 25-27; C. M. Bowra , Memories 1898-1939 (1966), pp. 221-23.

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