Miers, Henry Alexander

Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Oxford, Miers (1858-1942, knighted 1912) worked as an assistant in the British Museum (1882-95) and instructor in crystallography at the Central Technical College, South Kensington, 1886-95). He was editor of the Mineralogical Magazine (1891-1900), Waynflete professor of mineralogy, Oxford (1895-1908), principal of the University of London (1908-15), vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester and professor of crystallography (1915-26). He had been secretary to the delegates of the University Museum, delegate of the University Press, member of the Hebdomadal Council, Oxford, president of Museums Association (1928-33) and trustee of the British Museum (1926-39). Reputed to be one of the most distinguished authorities on museums in Britain, he chaired the Bodleian Library Commission (1930-31), of which Harrod was a member.

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Source: www ; DNB .

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