Marschak, Jacob

Marschak (1898-1977) was born in Russia but studied at the universities of Berlin and Heidelberg. He was economic editor for the Frankfurter Zeitung (1924-25) research associate at the Research Centre for Economic Policy in Berlin (1926-28), joined the Institute of World Economics of the University of Kiel (1928-30)--where Neisser was research principal--, was Privatdozent in economics at Heidelberg (1930-33), then moved to Oxford, where he became director of the newly founded Institute of Statistics (1935-39) and was a member of the Oxford Economists' Research Group. He emigrated to the United States in 1940, where he taught at the New School for Social Research (1940-42), the University of Chicago (1943-45), Yale (1955-60) and the University of California in Los Angeles (1960-77). Harrod defined him "a sort of minor Tinbergen " (letter 790 ).

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Source: ETsK ; GESK ; New Palgrave ; H. Hagemann, "Jacob Marschak (1898-1977)", in R. Blomert, H. U. Esslinger and N. Giovannini (eds), Heidelberg Sozial- un Staatswissenschaften (Marburg: Metropolis, 1997).

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