Lindsay, Alexander Dunlop

Lindsay (1879-1952, 1st Baron Lindsay of Birker, created 1945) was educated at Glasgow University and at University College, Oxford. He was Clark philosophy fellow at Glasgow University (1902-04), Shaw philosophy fellow at Edinburgh (1904-09), lecturer in philosophy at Victoria University; fellow and classical tutor of Balliol College, Oxford (1906-22), Jowett lecturer in philosophy (1911), professor of moral philosophy at Glasgow University (1922-24), master of Balliol (1924-49), vice-chancellor of Oxford University (1935-38) and the first principal of University College of North Staffordshire from 1949. In the latter position he introduced an educational experiment aimed at bringing down the excessive specialization of the older universities by the introduction of an additional year to impress upon art and science students the unity of knowledge.

Source: www ; DNB ; wwwO; D. Scott, A. D. Lindsay. A Biography (Oxford: Blackwell, 1971).

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