64R. F. Gray to Harrod, 15 December 1923 [a]

Gray thanks Harrod for the help he rendered during the election. [1]

  1. 1. Frank Gray was the winning Liberal candidate for Oxford City at the general election. He recollected in his Confessions of a Candidate (London: Hopkinson, 1925, p. 98) that at a particular difficult time of the campaign, when due to overattendance at one of his meeting a second room had to be opened, a local councillor called for a volunteer speaker in the room "and immediately a gifted don of Christ Church stepped forward and achieved the impossible, for for thirty minutes he held as if spellbound, by a closely reasoned speech on economics, a crowd thirsting for battle". On 10 January 1924, Gray thanked Harrod for his letter of congratulations, and comments that the efficiency of the party depends a good deal on "rising stalwarts" like Harrod and the young Oxford Liberals (in HPBL Add. 72734/137).
    1. a. From Shipton Manor, near Kidlington, Oxon.#, one page T circular LS, in HPBL Add. 72734/137.

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