Kalecki, Michal

Kalecki (1899-1970) acquired a good mathematical background by his (incomplete) training as an engineer at Warsaw and Gdansk Polytechnics, while was self-taught in economics (his first readings were Marx, Rosa Luxemburg and Tugan-Baranowski). After some odd jobs, which included journalism, he joined the Research Institute of Business Cycles and Prices in Warsaw (1929-35). He read an "Essai d'une Théorie des mouvements cycliques construite à l'aide de la mathématique supérieure" at the 1933 Econometric Society meeting, and in 1936 he was a Rockefeller travelling fellow in Sweden, then went to the London School of Economics and made contact with the Keynesians in Cambridge. During the war he joined the Oxford Institute of Statistics, then the International Labour Office in Montreal (1945-46) and the Economic Section of the United Nations Secretariat (1946-54), was nominated professor by the Central Qualification Commission in Warsaw (1956) and became chairperson of the Commission of Perspective Plan in Poland (1957-60); his career concluded at the Central School of Planning and Statistics (1961-70).

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Source: BDDE ; GESK ; G. R. Feiwel, Michal Kalecki. A Study in Economic Theory and Policy (Knoxwille: University of Tennessee Press, 1975).

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