Kaldor, Nicholas

Educated at Berlin University and the London School of Economics, Kaldor (1908-86; Baron of Newnham in the City, created 1974) was Hungarian by birth but obtained British citizenship in 1934. He was assistant lecturer, lecturer and reader in economics at the LSE (1932-47), Rockefeller travelling fellow to Harvard, Columbia, California and Chicago (1935-36), research associate (part time) at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (1943-45), director of the Research and Planning Division at the Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva (1947-49), reader (1952-65) and then professor (1966-75) of economics in the University of Cambridge, and fellow of King's College, Cambridge, from 1949. He was special adviser to three chancellors of the exchequer (1964-70 and 1974-76). His contributions ranged from capital theory to business cycles and growth, monetary theory and policy, welfare economics, income distribution and public finance

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Source: www ; GESK ; BDDE .

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