Kahn, Richard Ferdinand

Kahn (1905-89; Baron Kahn of Hampstead, created 1965) was educated at St Paul's School and at King's College, Cambridge, where he was supervised by Keynes and Shove . He was elected research fellow at King's in 1930, and held the post till his death. He was professor of economics at the University of Cambridge from 1951 to 1972. Kahn often remained in the background, dispensing however critical advice to Keynes and other colleagues; in particular, he closely collaborated with Joan Robinson . In Harrod's opinion, "Mr. Kahn was not only clear-headed and thorough; he had a penetrating mind and originality; he must be reckoned with those whom Professor Pigou has classified as tool-makers; he had the power of framing a new concept which would clarify the point at issue."

See list of letters .

Source: BDDE ; Harrod, The Life of John Maynard Keynes (1951), p. 432.

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