Hore-Belisha, (Isaac) Leslie

Educated at Clifton College, in Paris, Heidelberg and at St John's College, Oxford, where he was a member of the Russell and Palmerston Club, as was Harrod, Hore-Belisha (1893-1957, created Baron 1954) was a distinguished Liberal speaker and subsequently president of the Oxford Union Society (1919), made his living as a journalist and was called to the Bar in 1923. In December 1921 Harrod thought "him more and more remarkable." He was a Liberal National (1923-42) and Independent (1942-45) Member of Parliament, parliamentary secretary to the Board of Trade (1931-32), financial secretary to the Treasury (1932-34), Minister of Transport (1934-37), Secretary of State for War and president of Army Council, 1937-40), member of War Cabinet (1939-40) and Minister of National Insurance (1945).

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Source: www ; DNB ; R. J. Minney, The Private Papers of Hore-Belisha (London: Collins, 1960); Harrod, letter to Woodruff, 25 December 1921, in DWP.

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