Hirst, Francis Wrigley

Educated at Clifton College and Wadham College, Oxford, Hirst (1873-1958) was president of the Oxford Union and was called to the Bar in 1929. He was director of The Economist (1907-16), lecturer on political economy in California (1921) and South Africa (1923), a governor of the London School of Economics, honorary secretary of the Cobden Club, honorary fellow of Wadham. A Liberal writer, he authored books on financial history and finance, free trade and protection, cartels and monopoly, biography.

Harrod later wrote: "in the 'twenties I had seen a good deal of Francis Hirst. While I had a great admiration for his character and for his intrepid and untiring persistency in the advocacy of his special views [...] I found his doctrine quite unacceptable. He had failed to keep abreast of modern economic thought, and his criticisms of Keynes , although delightfully presented, were quite shallow; he had little intellectual grip."

See list of letters .

Source: www ; DNB ; Harrod, The Prof. (1959), p. 245.

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