Hawtrey, Ralph George

Hawtrey (1879-1975) was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studies mathematics and was influenced by the philosopher G. E. Moore . He learned some economics after graduation, when preparing the Civil Service examination. He entered the Admiralty in 1903, then he was moved to the Treasury (1904), where he became director of financial enquiries in 1919 and remained to his retirement in 1947. There he learned the economics which made him a prolific author in monetary and in trade cycle theory (on which he wrote after his office hours). In 1928-29 he was granted leave of absence to take up a visiting professorship at Harvard. Later he was Price professor of international economics at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London (1947-52). He was a member of the Cambridge Apostles and of the Bloomsbury group.

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Source: DNB ; www ; GESK ; New Palgrave ; E. G. Davis, "R. G. Hawtrey, 1879-1975", in D. P. O'Brien and J. R. Presley (eds), Pioneers of Modern Economics in Britain (London: Macmillan, 1981).

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