Hastings, John Maurice

Maurice Hastings (1896-1965) was educated at University College, Oxford. After making a fortune in the American stock market in the 1920s and losing it all in the 1929 crash, he moved to Norfolk and became a learned scholar in medieval architecture. In the late 1920s Harrod was a constant visitor to his house (the wild parties are described by Bowra ), and later described him as combining "in a remarkable way the qualities of scholar, hunting man and wit" and as one of the "most vivid personalities" he had known.

See list of letters .

Source: R. F. Harrod, "Dr. J. Maurice Hastings", obituary notice in The Times, 2 March 1965; C. M. Bowra, Memories 1898-1939 (1966), pp. 210-13.

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