Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson

Educated at Eton and New College (where his father, the physiologist John Scott Haldane, was fellow), after the war "Jack" (as his closer friends and family members called him) Haldane (1892-1964) became himself a fellow in physiology of New College, at the time Harrod was an undergraduate (1919-22). He was a reader in biochemistry at Cambridge University (1922-32), professor of physiology at the Royal Institution (1930-32), professor of genetics (1933-37) and of biometry (1937-57) at London University, then research professor at the Indian Statistical Institute (1957-61). He took Indian citizenship, and directed the Genetics and Biometry Laboratory in Orissa. He was, with Harrod, a member of Garnett 's Cranium Club and of the Tots and Quots. Besides technical treatises, he also wrote scientific popularization, including his first book Daedalus (1924).

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