Haberler, Gottfried

Haberler (1900-1995) studied economics in Vienna under von Wieser and von Mises. There he was a member (as were Hayek and Morgenstern ) of the Mises-Kreis. He was lecturer and subsequently professor of economics at the University of Vienna (1928-36). In 1934 he was appointed by the Economic Intelligence Service of the League of Nations to co-ordinate an inquiry into the problem of the recurrence of periods of economic depression; he therefore spent two years in Geneva, then emigrated to the United States to join the Faculty of Harvard University as professor of economics (1936-71); he edited the Quarterly Journal of Economics (1965-70). After his retirement he was resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. His main interests in research were international trade and business cycles; both aspects were discussed in correspondence with Harrod, who also reviewed two of Haberler's books on the subject: The Theory of International Trade and Prosperity and Depression (Harrod 1936:12 and 1938:1 ).

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Source: New Palgrave ; GESK ; wwwe.

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