Durbin, Evan Frank Mottram

Durbin (1906-48) was educated at Taunton School and New College, Oxford, where he obtained a degree in zoology (1927) before passing to the Faculty of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He was lecturer and senior lecturer at the London School of Economics. A member of the New Fabian Research Bureau since its foundation, Durbin--together with Gaitskell --organized research into theoretical and practical aspects of socialist planning, which were discussed at various stages with Meade and Harrod. The correspondence between Harrod and Durbin, and some of Harrod's published writings, echo these debates. Durbin was a Labour Member of Parliament from 1945. Of him, Harrod wrote: "He was a man of great integrity, who never feared, when his principles required it, to take a line that might be unpopular with his socialist associates; he embodied some of the finest elements in the British character".

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