Dundas, Robert Hamilton

Robin Dundas (1884-1960) was educated at Eton--where he was one of Keynes 's greatest friends--and New College, Oxford. He was lecturer at Liverpool University (1908-1909) and lecturer in Greek history, Christ Church (1909), where he was Student and eventually emeritus Student (1910-57) and censor (1914, 1919-24 and 1944-45).

Harrod defined Dundas as "a curious blend of Scottish puritanism and modern emancipation. He was often daring in talk, but one was conscious of a background of strict principle. His style of speaking and writing was lapidary and terse in the highest degree. He could single out one epithet, telling and often funny, which admirably summarised the complex character of a friend. He corresponded largely by post-card, partly out of an ingrained habit of Scottish carefulness, but also because he could say things on a post-card for which others would require four pages."

See list of letters .

Source: wwwO; www ; Harrod, The Life of John Maynard Keynes (1951), pp. 30-31.

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