Cripps, Richard Stafford

Stafford Cripps (1889-1952, knighted 1930) was educated at University College in London. He was barrister-at-law at Middle Temple (1913), bencher in 1930, Registrar-General (1930-31), sat in Parliament for the Labour Party (1931-50). In 1939 he was expelled from the party for his advocacy of Popular Fronts against the National Government's appeasement policy. He held ministerial posts (1942-47), was ambassador to the Soviet Union (1940-42) and rector of Aberdeen University (1942-45).

See list of letters .

Source: DNB ; www ; Parl. Comp . 1938; E. Estorick, Stafford Cripps. A Biography (London: Heinemann, 1949).

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