Catlin, George (Edward Gordon)

George Catlin (1896-1979) was educated at St Paul's School, New College, Oxford, and Cornell University, where he was professor of politics (1924-59). He was lecturer at various universities, including Yale, Calcutta, Columbia, Peking and Berkeley. Catlin has not preserved many letters from Harrod, while numerous letters from Catlin survive (most dated between 1920 and 1925), mainly concerning his plans and his political and philosophical views. In his autobiography For God's Sake, Go! Catlin records that the jewel club in Oxford was the New College Essay Society, which included among its members Maurice Bowra , Harrod, Ernest Jacob, Douglas Woodruff and Henry Andrews .

See list of letters .

Source: www ; G. E. G. Catlin, For God's Sake, Go! An Autobiography, Gerrards Cross: Colin Smithe, 1972.

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