Bretherton, Russell Frederick

Educated at Clifton College and Wadham College, Oxford (of which he became fellow, 1928-45), Bretherton (1906-91) was lecturer and tutor in economics and modern history and university research lecturer (1936-39). He was one of the members of the Oxford Economists' Research Group, and in particular he wrote, with F. A. Burchardt and R. S. G. Rutherford, Public Investment and the Trade Cycle in Great Britain (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1941). He was under-secretary at the Raw Materials Department of the Board of Trade (1946-48); joined the Economic Section of the Cabinet Office (1949-51), and was under-secretary at the Ministry of Materials (1951-54), at the Board of Trade (1954-61) and at the Treasury (1961-68).

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